The holidays are here! Such a wonderful and joyous time to celebrate with your loved ones and bring them lots of cheer, right!? Absolutely! But what about yourself? What have you given yourself and how are you nurturing your soul to ensure that your new year comes and continues in the direction that you would like it to? At this point, you know that material items can only excite you for a little bit of time! What gifts have you given yourself that will last you a lifetime?

Below are 10 Gifts Everyone Deserves to Give Themselves This Holiday Season. While these gifts may not come at a monetary cost up front, they come at the cost of your sanity and well-being if they are not present in your life. Give to yourself in all the right ways this holiday season and every other time to provide a pathway of internal peace and comfort. I’ll admit, these 10 gifts are not the easiest to give oneself. I too have struggled to put my own words into action. It takes time, effort, commitment, dedication, consistency, and patience to truly be in tune with who we are and give ourselves all that we need. However, trust me when I say, undergoing this process is certainly worth it!

10 Gifts Everyone Deserves to Give Themselves This Holiday Season









Say No


 Continue reading for further descriptions of 10 gifts worthy of giving yourself:


1. Affirmations are all about the messaging you NEED to hear, in addition to the messaging you want to hear! Give yourself daily or weekly affirmations that serve as reminders of the wonderful person that you are. Remind yourself of what self-love looks and feels like from no other person but yourself! Affirmations can speak to your soul based on the intention you put behind every piece of affirmation you would like to acknowledge in your routine. Take your affirmations a step further by looking up words and messages that speak to your insecurities, your fears, your sadness, your doubts, and ALL else that makes you feel less than the wonderful spirit that you are. Addressing the low moments head on allow you to slowly but surely build the strength and confidence to persist past the challenges. While the first step to change is the recognition that one needs changing, the next step is understanding what you need to do to implement the changes. Gift yourself meaningful affirmations for inspiration and encouragement that you will get there!

2. Ambulate with purpose and move forward! Yes, moving on and moving forward is not always easy to do, that is however why you must in fact DO IT! Life will continue to pass you by, it is up to you to move with it or be left behind. Whether it is moving forward in life based on a change you were not ready for, a heartbreak you did not see coming, a job promotion you did not receive, the opportunity to build fell through, you lost a loved one to illness or violence, etc. the world NEEDS you to keep pushing forward. Give yourself the time to grieve and process the emotions, but at some point, your gut will tell you that you need to move forward and pick yourself up in a different kind of way within your new normal. Listen to your gut and do just as it has advised you to do. Lean on your loved ones, your affirmations, and yourself to get you through and create a game plan full of long-term and short-term goals that are attainable. Be sure to also outline the resources and support you may need along the way. Every time you gift yourself the opportunity to move forward, you gift yourself the present of growth with meaning and purpose.  

3. Compartmentalize your needs, wants, priorities, emotions, realities, fantasies, and everything in between. You deserve to not be overwhelmed by everything you are tasked to do and deal with. Life is short and fragile. Set yourself up in a way to be able to process what you must with the time and energy it deserves. Placing similar tasks, feelings, and experiences in specific categories in your mind and possibly on a physical list that you write or type out can help you to prioritize who and what needs your attention immediately, later, soon, or never. Compartmentalizing helps to keep you at a place of balance because it requires you to intentionally check in with yourself and be present before uttering any words to others. Cry it out, laugh it out, and sit with the doubt! Nonetheless, relax and make a mental or physical list of what you need to do to get through and live your life the way you know you need to live it best.   

4. Courage takes strength because courage is acquired by conditioning the mind, body, and soul at all times. Be courageous. Realize your dreams, take a chance on your relationships, quit your job/start a new job, travel the world, tell the people how you REALLY feel and why, admit you have insecurities, go to therapy, remove yourself from toxic relationships, take a chance on your faith, and much more! The world is yours, make it special to you by giving yourself the gift of courage to say “I can” and “I will” instead of “I can’t” and “I’ll try”.

5. Educate yourself in all that you do. Knowledge is powerful and with more wisdom comes more responsibility, but trust me, you are able! The hustle and bustle of life keeps you busy; I am sure of it. However, in the busy, always do the work. Educate yourself and keep your mind stimulated by always challenging yourself to think deeper, harder, wiser, and with more meaning. Your education DOES NOT have to be career focused, it can pertain to your hobbies and/or general interests! Fun and random facts about life and the world keep things interesting. If you don’t know something, LOOK IT UP, read about it, watch it, and if time allows, be sure to discuss it with others and you will prolong the livelihood of your learned knowledge! Why waste opportunities to learn from laziness or simply not prioritizing your time to learn more? The gift of knowledge is a gift you deserve, always.  

6. Forgiveness is a gift worthy of not only giving to others, but to yourself. Accepting that not all things in life can be controlled is a huge step to let go and move forward in ways that build you up. Forgive yourself for the times you did not know better. Forgive yourself for the times when you did know better but made the decision that wasn’t best. Forgive yourself for the situations that you encountered but were not in your control to decide on. Forgive yourself for the pain you may have caused others. And, forgive yourself for the pain you have caused yourself. Working towards forgiveness provides a sense of liberation that you may not otherwise have if you don’t acknowledge the pain and setbacks. Living with hate and resentment towards others and yourself is a burden that I believe no one needs to carry. Circumstances certainly impact behaviors, so if you can, talk encounters out with others and yourself. However, if you are unable to do so, the best place to start and end with forgiveness is with yourself. Intentionally work on liberating yourself by forgiving you! You deserve some love and care from yourself too. <3

7. Friendship is another valuable gift to give yourself. As humans, even when we enjoy our downtime, we need loved ones around. Life’s journey is not just about the highs of life. Every person is flawed, so it is OK that your loved ones are not perfect, so long as their imperfections are perfectly imperfect for you and you are perfectly imperfect for them. Allow yourself to build, laugh, cry, get silly, be empowered, motivated, and receive encouragement from others. You deserve to be surrounded by great people. Let people into your life and let people love you, you deserve it!

8. Patience is certainly a virtue to live by and implement in your life. The gift of being patient with yourself is essential to your well-being. Life is too fragile for instant gratification at all times. It is by no surprise that the most meaningful moments of life are the ones that took time to come to be. The hardest thing about patience is trusting the journey and the outcomes along the way, that will hopefully lead you in the path you feel you ought to be in. Patience in ways is the absence of control, but more so the awareness and faith that things are working out and will go as they must go. Be patient with yourself and with your life plans. It is with time and care that you will manifest your destiny. All that is worthwhile takes time to develop. Wanting for you is key and trusting that you will get there unlocks the doors.

9. Saying “No” is a powerful form of communication, not just for others, but for yourself. Every single time you say no, you are reflecting on whether or not you can say yes. Stop saying yes in times when you should be saying no! You know what you have to do to take care of you and to stay true to who you are. Yes, there are times when you may feel guilty, sad, or bad for saying no and possibly disappointing a person. Those feelings are natural, especially if you are a people-pleaser. However, you need to say no today, in order to say yes tomorrow. Taking a step back or recognizing you have too much going on does not take away from your love and commitment towards others. Give yourself the gift of focusing on yourself by saying no! Say no more often and you’ll see just how much more meaning saying yes will have on you living.

10. Unplug when you need to and always be sure to follow through. Now, I am not just talking about unplugging from social media. When I say unplug, I mean unplug from family, friends, work, your phone/computer, volunteer groups, and social media. Sometimes, you might need to give yourself the gift of unplugging from everything at once, and at other times it might just be one. Unplugging is not a death sentence, it is a revival testimony. There are times when we experience burn-out or take on stressors by overly communicating with others when we need to be communicating with ourselves. Take the time to listen to your body and give yourself the gift of unplugging, especially when you are drained and you have nothing else to give. Everyone deserves to have moments to recharge and you are no exception to the rule. Unplug for hours, days, weeks, and months at a time depending on what you need in order to regroup. Your loved ones will understand and your soul with be content.

 With all of these gifts nicely aligned and packaged for you this year, I know you will continue to prioritize giving yourself the most love and gratitude and ensure your lively cheer. It may not be easy at first to give yourself all that you need and more, but remember to do more and say less as you INTENTIONALLY live your life with true progress. The priority of gift giving is you. Make it count!

 My Holiday Gift To You! I had the opportunity to share a bit about my personal story on Celeste the Therapist’s Podcast. As I aim to empower others to #KnowYourTruths and #SpeakYourTruths I am constantly making sure that I do the same.

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