About Bernadine

A motivational speaker, diverse workshop facilitator, spoken word artist, and blogger; Bernadine is a multifaceted individual who knows how to engage her audience where it counts most-their minds, hearts, and souls! Speaking from a genuine place with authenticity, Bernadine empowers all those she engages with to “Know Your Truths.” and to “Speak Your Truths.”

Motivated by a series of personal life altering experiences that she has encountered , Bernadine’s transparency allows audiences from diverse backgrounds to relate to her.


  • As a keynote/motivational speaker, I speak directly to my audience and meet them exactly where they are.
  • While ensuring a safe space to foster growth and development, as a diverse workshop facilitator, I am unafraid to push workshop attendees into uncomfortable spaces to engage in raw dialogue.
  • Poetically, I express feelings, thoughts, desires, and experiences in a way that moves one to reflect on their personal narrative as a spoken word artist.
  • Seeking to always live by my own mantra, I un-apologetically speak my truth as a blogger, with hopes to inspire readers to do the same.

“In all that you do, never forget the power that exists in standing in your truths.”

Bernadine Desanges

Know Your Truths. Speak Your Truths.

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