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College acceptance is always an accomplishment worthy of celebration! However, getting accepted into college is only the beginning of a post secondary endeavor that changes lives. While getting into college is a proud moment, navigating through college is a process full of meaningful transitions; both rewarding and challenging.

Focusing on the academic, professional, social, and personal development of the student, Bernadine will take workshop attendees through the college road ahead while providing them with tangible tools to ensure college success. Whether you are a high school senior, “traditional” or non-traditional” college freshman, an upperclassman college student, or an educator; this workshop will assist with navigating through the college process effectively by engaging in a series of hands-on activities and conversations.



Experiencing sexual assault is a difficult reality for victims to encounter, as one’s life changes the moment the sexual assault takes place. Constantly engaging in occasions in life filled with highs and lows, it can be easy to lose oneself in the crowd as one silences their trauma to push through life.

Speaking from her own experiences as a sexual assault victim who chose to live life as a survivor, Bernadine will engage with her workshop attendees in a session that permits and promotes a safe space to explore life as a survivor. Through the encouragement of self-love, open-communication, patience, introspective reflection, and standing in one’s truths; this session will encompass a creative way of expression and acceptance to assist in ones healing process.



Obtaining professional success involves understanding a variety of elements within a professional environment. As one aspires to climb the professional ladder, one must always consider the vision, mission, and current need(s) of the particular company or organization they currently represent or hope to represent in the future.

Understanding that the road to professional upward mobility takes assessing, follow-through, investment, observation, patience, and more; Bernadine will share strategies to support entry-level professionals advance within their career aspirations.  Through discussion, role plays, and reflection; the dos and don’ts to earning ones professional stripes will be shared.



Speaking to an audience, regardless of the size, requires the same understanding: one must articulate oneself at a reasonable pace, consistently make eye-contact, enunciate at all times, and one must be familiar with their material. The question still stands however; what allows one to be a “master” of public speaking?

In addition to incorporating the fundamentals of public speaking, one will learn about more significant and less often addressed factors to consider when engaging with an audience. Whether one is an introvert or an extrovert, speaks multiple languages, is soft spoken, or is a confident speaker-this workshop will assist attedees in mastering public speaking in a style that is most authentic to the individual.


Predominantly White Institutions (PWI’s) are the majority within academia. While higher education institutions are expected to be a place of acceptance for diversity and inclusiveness, PWI’s still encompass experiences of culture shock and isolation for members of marginalized communities.

Through an interactive session, Bernadine will engage with workshop attendees to explore experiences that members within marginalized groups encounter. In addition, strategies to enforce solutions and utilize resources will also be shared. Whether one is a student, professional, or both-one will be able to engage in true-to-life examples regarding experiences centered around micro-aggressions, appropriation, socio-economic status, institutionalized racism, and racial battle fatigue, among other intersectionality related identities.



Centered around race; institutionalized racism is an implicit reality that impacts those within marginalized communities within the work place daily. Due to its implicit nature, institutionalized racism is often “unnoticed” though felt by many.

Within this workshop, Bernadine will address challenges attendees experienced within ones professional environment by discussing techniques to assist one with interactions with their  superiors, colleagues, and peers. Through a focus on literal and abstract scenarios that one may encounter in their work place, attendees will leave this session with strategic options to engage work spaces that allow one to navigate through a racially challenging system.



At times, it is not that one does not want to be an ally-it is that one does not know how to be an ally. In addition, one may consciously or subconsciously choose to disregard elements of a peer’s identity because they do not know how to relate or may not want to relate to another in which they cannot identify with.

Focusing on understanding the different entities within diversity; Bernadine will engage with attendees to address their own biases, fears, and apprehensions related to who one is as an individual. Furthermore, attendees will learn about effective ways to engage in conversations regarding sensitive topics around diversity to assist one in accepting others who may or may not be easily relatable.



The ability to mingle in a variety of environments is imperative as one establishes networks and builds on their social capital. Who one is connected with provides endless possibilities for personal and professional growth. However, there are dos and don’ts that contribute to ones ability to effectively mingle with peers.

This workshop will provide attendees with useful tools to navigate through a series of events where one is expected to mingle with peers and engage in establishing a foundation to secure meaningful relationships. Whether one is a student or a professional, this session will be tailored to the needs of attendees to assure that participants are ready to mingle in the environments they most frequent.



Not seeing the workshop you are looking for or are you interested in a combination of workshop topics? Contact Bernadine directly and share your vision with her and together, you will both stand in your truths to determine if Bernadine can deliver the workshop you are envisioning!


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