Never forget the beauty in unapologetically choosing yourself by standing in your truths in order to achieve greatness. Constantly seeking moments of truth from others, while I wasn’t standing in my own truths, I struggled to be at peace with myself. I was always in doubt of who I was and asking myself what and who was I doing it all for and is it even worth it? It wasn’t until I took a hard look in the mirror with honesty that I realized, I am not my best self, unless I am truly standing in my truths in everything that I do! Frustrated with myself after experiencing too many moments of little fulfillment doing what I thought I “should be doing” and not enough moments of doing what I want to be doing, the way I believe I should be doing it, caused my soul to wake up in an imaginable way. I knew something about the way I lived my life needed to be different. I knew I needed to choose me. As a result, I decided to truly take a chance on myself and to live my life for me and what a wonderful journey it has been to sit at the front seat of my own life, in control of my destiny!
This post discusses the ways in which one can advance in life by sharing the importance of disseminating your truths as I encourage you to “Know Your Truths.” and to “Speak Your Truths.” In life, some of the most valuable moments that we learn from are the ones where we push ourselves to grow in our life’s journey through experiences that leave us speechless or moments that provide us with opportunities to reflect, change our behavior, or receive affirmation to continue on with certain behaviors that provide us with direction.

Easily stated, but not as easily executed; knowing your truths in order to speak your truths is a mantra that I encourage all people to live by. The ability to unapologetically be who you are is one that should be celebrated, not disregarded or be undervalued. To be able to look life in the eye and say; I know myself and the significance of my life’s journey, I stand by my ethics and values as I operate by my moral compass, and I love myself; flaws and all because I understand that true self-love means loving all of me is a meaningful and beautiful place to be in life.

How does one advance off the basis of knowing their own truths and speaking of their own truths you ask? Simple, determine your truths and speak of it as listed below in in these 10 steps.

1. Know Your Truths. Knowing yourself is not just about understanding who you are, it is also about understanding why you are who you are and taking the time to decipher the experiences you had in the past and the experiences that are regularly taking place in your life presently. All of which have contributed and will continue to contribute to who you were yesterday, the person you are today, and the person you will be tomorrow!

2. Reflect. Taking the time to reflect on who you are is essential to growth. Reflecting requires one to prioritize themselves and silence the background noise in order to focus on you. By doing so; you can begin or continue to explore the reasoning behind the actions you carry out and the thinking process you go through. You can also assess your emotional drive that is either present or absent, you can discover the reasoning behind the choices you make within your verbal communication, and you can give yourself the time to catch up with yourself as daily obligations to others sometimes “prevent” you from committing to the daily obligations you have to yourself.

3. Understand and accept that who you are is a work in progress. If you do not understand and accept that you will forever be a work in progress, then you will constantly be at odds with yourself and possibly live in a state of constant self-disappointment. Who you are today is not always going to be who you are tomorrow, nor should it be. As people, young and older; we are continuously engaged in a life of transitions. As such, we are forever changing. Methods that have worked for you one year, may not work for you the following year. Your reasoning and perspectives change based on life circumstances and experiences. To think you will always be the same, is to shut yourself off from the lessons to learn all around you that encourage you to be adaptable and transform. Don’t be afraid of being a work in progress, be proud of the growing process and trust in it.

4. Embrace your insecurities. Listen, being insecure is not an entirely negative position to be in. Sure, being insecure can prevent you from living in the moment and take in life’s treasures as they come because you are continually in your mind doubting yourself one way or another for one thing or another. However, insecurities can also assist you in understanding why you are the way that you are. Insecurities can also help you to stay balanced and stay humble as you work towards achieving goals that I hope you are constantly setting for yourself! Insecurities stem from a place that are deeply rooted with meaning. You are a human being, give yourself permission to be that and embrace your challenges and set-backs just as much as you embrace your accomplishments. Should you embrace your insecurities, you will be able to confidently acknowledge and articulate your “shortcomings” to others and establish authentic and genuine understanding with people in a more meaningful way.

5. Intentionally challenge yourself. Always live life with a desire to do better and to grow by doing more. If you met a goal you set for yourself, create another one. If you are aware of a fear that you have and it is holding you back from achieving your highest level of potential (your gut instincts know what I am talking about) address that fear in words and in action. If you are at a place in life, bored and under fulfilled, position yourself to take in something new! If you are avoiding a necessary conversation, go for it after some strategic planning. You know yourself best-challenging oneself is unique to the individual! Nevertheless, in order to grow, you must be challenged and choose to never stunt your own growth. Always challenge yourself to be better and to do better.

6. Do not compare your life’s position to another person’s life position. You do not the whole story behind anyone’s eyes and life experiences. What may look wonderful on the outside may very well be wonderful and that is great for the individual, but you do not know what it took the individual to get there and what it is taking the individual to stay there. What you see, may also not be what is truth. Regardless, it is not your task to assess and compare the lives of others to yours. You are standing in your truths. As such, focus on you! If you get caught up in the shoulda, coulda, woulda, based on the lives of others and not your own assessment of yourself for yourself, then you are too busy focusing on the life you wish you had in a negative way; rather than focusing on the life you currently have and excelling at living your best for you.

7. Accept the truth of others. In this life’s journey of standing in one’s truths, you must be able to accept the truth of others. Whether or not we agree or disagree with the truths of a person is irrelevant in the conversation of acceptance. Accepting one’s truth does not mean you automatically agree with them, but, it does mean that you accept them for who they are expressing themselves to be. As you speak your truths and explore why you are as you are, know that others may be doing the same. And even if others are not reflecting as much as you (we aren’t comparing, remember?), the moment you choose to live a life of true acceptance of others, the door is open for in depth conversation(s).

8. Fuel your soul. You have the key to living your life with purpose. You can’t be afraid to utilize those keys. Unlock the doors that deserve to be unlocked and lock the doors that need to be locked. While doing so though, you must fuel your soul. Living a life of purpose means living a life filled with doing what you enjoy. Indulge in hobbies that you love, explore something new, finish a project you started but kept putting off, develop a new skill, travel, engage in meaningful conversations with a loved one; whatever it is-make sure you enjoy it and make sure it fuels you. We are our best selves when we love what we do and do what we love doing. Never let anyone dim your light, and certainly never dim your own light yourself.

9. Know your style and live that way, unapologetically. Being you means you have to be you. Self-love is the best love. In order to be loved by others for who you are, you have to love who you are. Embrace your style, your flare, your vibes, and your being. If you do not do so wholeheartedly, how can you expect it from others? Sure, you can have moments of doubt and insecurities but such experiences are not mutually exclusive-they go hand in hand. Nonetheless, in knowing yourself; know your style in personality, in attire, in art, in love, and in life. Unapologetically, let it be known. Walk into a space and let people know you are present, not just by words, but in action.

10. Speak your truths. Never silence the voice that is your truths. To be able to know your truths and to speak them is liberating. There will always be a setting that puts you in a position where you feel voiceless or in the shadows, but your voice is still valuable. In fact, sometimes, the moments you feel the most voiceless are the moments where your voice should be heard the loudest. By embracing your truths and understanding your worth, you are accepting that who you are matters and you value that. Never allow others to strip your voice and never be too afraid to share your story.

The journey to knowing your truths and speaking your truths is one that you must believe in. Trust that by living in your truths, you are supporting and encouraging others to live in their truths as well! I did not always believe in standing in my truths. I always hid my challenges in fear that sharing my struggles meant that I was weak. I learned to love me and I learned to love my story. As I shared more of my truest self to people, the closer I felt to others and the deeper my relationships with others became. To see me, is to see a human-full of flaws amongst the beauty and that is what truly empowers me.

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