If You Keep Quitting, You’ll Never Finish.

It’s the new year! Happy times are ahead as all of us have been thinking, “New Year! New Me!” And as always, with the excitement of the new year comes the excitement to set new goals for oneself as new year’s resolutions are a “must” in our minds! The start of the new year is the time for you to hit the reset button and give yourself the time re-do, continue, or start working towards a goal/goals you would like to accomplish. But, let’s face it; a couple of weeks into the new year and all of the momentum is gone! Where did all the enthusiasm go? Already, the excitement of the new year has started to fade away and all that you were determined to accomplish has already started to make a disappearance in your life. But why? This year was THE YEAR to stick to your resolutions! This was your year of follow-through! This was your year to be great! This was your year of action! So, what happened?

Like you, I have set countless New Year’s Resolutions, year after year-with EVERY intention of full execution! However, somewhere within the very start of the new year I started to fall off track.

It’s not like I had terrible resolutions. I wanted to focus on being a better person to myself through self-care, I wanted to establish and maintain healthier relationships with my loved ones, I wanted to follow-through on my own personal projects and commitments, I wanted to eat better and more often, and I wanted to set schedules for myself to be more organized. Then, BAAAM! Weeks into the new year, life continued to settle in with expectations of me coming from left and right, my focus on others took over, I lost sight of myself, and then my enthusiasm dwindled and those new year’s resolutions dwindled as well. Never have I ever felt great about not sticking to my plans! However, at some point, I realized I had no time to live life the way I wanted to at the start of the new year. That was, until I sat back to really assess just how to make my new year’s resolutions last more than a few weeks!

Continue reading for guidance on how to ensure that your new year’s resolutions stick and are not something that you easily quit by following these 4 EASY STEPS!

Be Realistic with Yourself!

Be More Specific with Your General Goals!

Set Long-Term & Short-Term Goals Within Your Resolutions!

Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes!

Step 1: Be Realistic with Yourself!

Yes, you want to accomplish so much year to year and live your best life–I am right there with YOU! But, how can you do that if you are not setting realistic expectations for yourself? If you work late hours regularly and typically sleep in until the late morning or early afternoon because that is the best way for you to recharge and get through your day-how can your new year’s resolution be getting up at 5:00am EVERYDAY to work out at the gym? Ok, so you’ve heard morning workouts are best for people, but the question is, are morning workouts best for YOU? Are you living pay-check to pay-check but you would like to save money? Great! But is it realistic to say that you will put away $200.00 PER PAY-CHECK in order to save? I’d imagine lower dollar amounts may be most feasible for long-term saving plans. Maybe you are the person with family obligations that kick in the minute you walk through the door. Thus, is it realistic to state that your new year’s resolution is to take 1 hour to yourself EVERYDAY the minute you get home from work? Are you like me–always on the move? So, you barely have time to eat, let alone go to the restroom? So, how could you say that you will make meals for yourself EVERYDAY? Sure, you have the best intentions with yourself! You will start off strong for a few weeks accomplishing such goals, but will you truly stick to your resolutions long term when you have decided on resolutions that are set up for you to quit? NO, your resolutions are not designed by you to work for you! Set goals YOU CAN and WILL ACHIEVE! Your new year’s resolutions shouldn’t just sound cute! If you would like them to stick, they must be designed realistically in order for you to fully execute them.

STEP 2: Be More Specific with Your General Goals!

We all have the general goals and resolutions in our lives that we would like to accomplish: eat healthier, save money, practice self-care, develop healthier relationships, study more, gossip less, step outside your comfort zone more, etc. The list can go on for days! Regardless of what you have on your list of resolutions however, you cannot accomplish these new goals/resolutions, if you are not more specific with them!

Here are some examples of what I mean by specifications. 

  • Eat Healthier: More specifically . . .
    • Eat 3-7 healthy meals per week with the proper portions.
    • Meal prep with enough food for 3-5 days with the necessary nutrients.
    • Eat breakfast 3-5 times per week.
    • Replace a bag of chips with fruit at least 2 times per week.
  • Practice Self-Care: More specifically . . .
    • Sleep at least 7 hours a week EVERY night or at least 3-5 times per week!
    • Read a book for 1 hour at least 2 days/nights per week.
    • Meditate and focus/reflect on ONE aspect of your life at least once a week for one hour.
    • Go to the gym 3 times per week for at least one full hour.
  • Save Money: More specifically . . .
    • Set a specific dollar amount to save based on what you can realistically afford to put away per paycheck in a SEPARATE bank account.
    • Order take out 1-2 less times per week.
    • Go out to eat with loved ones 2-4 less times per month.
    • Buy less coffee, alcohol, etc. while taking part in your regular routine 2-3 times per week.
  • Develop Healthier Relationships: More specifically . . .
    • Pinpoint specific people you would like to connect with more (keep the amount of people at a realistic number).
    • Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, etc. routines to stay connected and involved with each other based on what works for BOTH of you.
    • Remember & accept that everyone in your life is different, so what you would need to do to make the relationship healthier will differ person to person.

STEP 3: Set Long-Term & Short-Term Goals Within Your Resolutions!

At this point, we know it is great to have new year’s resolutions, but what’s better than having them, is having long-term and short-term goals within the resolutions you have set! For example, you would like to lose 25 pounds within the year. That is your fitness long-term new year’s resolution! What are you doing regularly, in the short-term to ensure that your weight loss goals are met? Remember, you have to be specific and realistic with yourself! Eating healthy options, a particular amount of times per day/week will add up. Going to the gym a particular amount of days per week for at least one hour will also add up. Stay focused and stay committed. The more specific you are with your short-term goals, the more likely you are to achieve your long-term goals! You got this!

STEP 4: Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes!

Much like all aspects of your life, you have to give yourself the space to make mistakes within your new year’s resolutions. You are not perfect and you never will be because you are perfectly imperfect! It is not a question of “will you make mistakes” it’s a matter of “when you make mistakes” because you will fall of track throughout your journey towards accomplishing your goals. What you need to remember however, is that you need to forgive yourself and then get back up and start over or in many cases, continue. No need to wallow in your mistakes. So you ate 2 slices of cake when you shouldn’t have eaten any that day. So your schedule prevented you from taking some “me time” this week. Ok, so you splurged on an item or outing when you should have been saving money. It happens. You are human-what else can you or I say? In the times of making mistakes, you are not to judge yourself for it! GET BACK TO YOUR RESOLUTIONS/GOALS the moment you have the chance. Getting upset with yourself and taking too long to get back towards your goals will increase your likelihood of never getting back to accomplishing your goals at all. That is NOT what you want to do, so DO NOT DO IT! Love yourself through the journey towards accomplishing your goals/new year’s resolutions and trust that the rest will fall into place.

As a person who has made their own mistakes in life and has started so many new year’s resolutions that I HAVE NOT committed to, I have decided to follow through on a few myself. I will share a few general new year’s resolutions with you (sparing you even more details to read). I am looking forward to updating you all on the progress made January, 2019 and I know you will hold me accountable!

  • Eat healthy, regularly!
  • Develop events to bring people together to “Know Your Truths. Speak Your Truths.”
  • Finalize the manuscript of my first book for publication.

Speak Your Dreams Into Existence!

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