Do You Have Your Lucky 8?

The holiday season is a time where many are reminded of what they are grateful for and/or wish they had more of. While I am most certainly grateful for life, health, and stability; I would be remiss if I did not mention my gratitude for all those who have stood by me throughout my journey of living out my destiny thus far, this holiday season. As I reflected on all those in my life; I kept coming back to my Lucky 8 Team!

I ask, who is in YOUR kitchen cabinet? As I shared in a previous blog post, “12 Truths About the Journey of Entrepreneurship”, it is a hope of mine that you have what I call a Lucky 8 Team by your side: The Encourager, The Realist, The Optimist, The Pessimist, The Risk Taker, The Investor, The Connector, and The Blank Filler. One person can certainly serve more than one role for you. However, it is my hope that you have at least one person PER role. No, you do not need to be an entrepreneur to need and have a Lucky 8 Team! Everyone deserves to have people in their corner who pushes them to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their life. It is a blessing! Furthermore, it is my hope that YOU are also serving a significant purpose in the lives of those who matter most to you by being one or more of the Lucky 8 to loved ones in your life.

Within this blog post; I elaborate on the Lucky 8 Team and provide a couple of questions that I trust will help further develop substantive relationships with those who play significant roles in your life for the better.

Lucky 8 Team

  • The Encourager
  • The Realist
  • The Optimist
  • The Pessimist
  • The Risk Taker
  • The Investor
  • The Connector
  • The Blank Filler

1. The encourager will always be there to hype you up! Your encourager is the one who tells you to go for it all! They see no limits in the world for you. Believing in you and being your “YAAAS” person is what they love to do and are great at doing for you. It is not that they don’t reflect on challenges, but they view life in a “go for it!” first perspective and believe you will learn along the way. Adopting the “you won’t know until you try” ideology, the encourager is confident that you will learn from your mistakes; so there is never really quite a loss. Ask the encouragers in your life (1) How do they lead with the “yes you can” and “go for it” mentality, even when in doubt? And (2) How can you best encourage others in your life to follow their dreams?

2. The realist will speak to you and always highlight the black and white sides of your life and your vision; sometimes with mention of  the grey. Realists are critical in a way that assesses where your vision and plan is aligned with where the world is as a whole. Leading with a very direct lens, the realist wants you to understand all of the variables you are working with. Their biggest focus is that you think strategically. Ask the realists in your life (1) How do they balance practicality with being a visionary? And (2) How can you receive the realist perspective and feel empowered, rather than feel overwhelmed by all you have to consider when executing on a vision?

3. The optimist will always take your vision and see it on a grander scale, maybe even more grand than you may see it. Optimists bring your idea up to a level unimaginable, despite the odds. Believing in you so much, the optimist never wants you to settle for less. They want you to think outside of the box and stretch yourself more than you ever thought possible because they understand the power of dreaming bigger to land far beyond your wildest dreams. Optimists have unwavering faith that inspires all around them; including you! Ask the optimists in your life (1) How are they so optimistic when the world around you all is full of disappointments? And (2) How do you stay positive and hopeful, even when so many doors seem to be closed or uninviting?

4. Though they may have a bad reputation, I believe the pessimist is also needed. You need the person who doubts it all because they allow you to reflect on all that may go wrong to problem solve ahead of time. LISTEN, everyone needs the friend with the pessimist angle. Now, they can certainly be a draining friend to have in your corner in times when you don’t want to think of the challenges and conspiracies, but the pessimist approach to life will really have you reflect on some perspectives, facts, and opinions you never quite considered before. The pessimist believes in you too, but they always want you to be careful and mindful of possible challenges. How else would you be prepared to fight through challenges you never prioritized? The pessimist will assist you in keeping your critical guard up if you take in their approach of thinking. Ask the pessimists in your life (1) How do they stay hopeful when they see so many hurdles first? And (2) How can you be more aware of challenges but not feel defeated by them?

5. The risk taker will do just that; empower your growth by pushing you to take risks and step into the world of the unknown. Thinking and operating outside of the box requires a level of discomfort, investment, and an ability to accept that you might have to lose in order to gain. The risk takers in your life recognize the fears associated with being bold, however they value the positiveness and growth that may come from being daring more! Ask the risk takers in your life (1) How do they decide which risks are worth taking? And (2) What can you do to put your fears and desire to control your fate aside in order to take risks?

6. The investor will be prepared to invest in your dream. They will give you their time, access to their resources, and possibly financial support if needed. They believe in you so much that whatever you need, they are prepared to get their hands dirty with you! Furthermore, investors are willing and able to be your sponsor. They will seek opportunities that will assist you in leveling up and advocate for you when needed. Investors are great to have around because they will do work on your behalf, alongside you! Ask the investors in your life (1) At what point in their life did they realize they had enough stability to be able to invest in others? And (2) What should you look for in others when deciding whether or not to invest in them?

7. The connector will connect you to those you don’t know and help you hone in on relationships with people you might have just met. The connector knows someone who knows someone and they are not afraid of making the connections happen on your behalf. Be sure to continuously communicate your visions and needs to the connector; especially when you are stepping into unknown territory for yourself. The introductions that the connector can make on your behalf could be very helpful when they introduce you to experts in certain fields and can provide you a list of individuals who can be of use to you during your life’s journey of fulfillment. Ask the connectors in your life (1) How do they maintain meaningful relationships with those in their lives over lengthy periods of time? And (2) How can you establish genuine and meaningful relationships with people you just met and are seeking guidance from beyond the point of their services?

8. Lastly the blank filler is the person who sees your blind spots as they are very detail oriented. They pay attention to the nitty-gritty and won’t let it go because they know the importance of dotting those I’s and crossing those t’s. The blank filler is the person who hears you and recognizes the points where you might have overlooked or disregarded a minor or major detail that needs your consideration. Blank fillers will always take the time to hear you, guide you, and build with you; especially when you have major decisions to make. Whether you’re an over thinker or are very relaxed in your approach, the blank filler is there to bring attention to all that you may miss. Ask the blank fillers in your life (1) What details are they often paying attention to when hearing a loved one discuss life and their visions? And (2) What can you remind yourself to consider when reflecting on your aspirations? 

I hope you have your Lucky 8 team with you at all times through life’s journey and you THANK them for their commitment to you and your dreams throughout the highs and the lows. Not a single person makes it in this world alone. Who you have on your team and for what is important. Moreover, the role you play in the lives of loved ones is also significant. Take the time to hone in on the relationships that need some tender love and investment and express gratitude to those who have provided you with their time and perspectives-without seeking anything from you in return. As fragile life is, it is a beautiful blessing and honor to have those in our lives who show their care by their active presence.

I am sending you lots of love this holiday season and beyond.

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